Xiaomeisha Natural Regeneration



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Shenzhen SDG Co., Ltd., Shenzhen


Regeneration masterplan for a seaside resort, climate change mitigation measures, leisure programming, economic feasibility


2019: International Urban Design Competition 1st Prize
2019 – 2020: Design development


Alex Lee, Ivana Damjanovic, Kexin Huang, Martin Probst, Robert Younger, Ruizhi Cao, Ruojing Wu, Shaoning Wu, Wenchi Yang, Xu Xiao, Markus Appenzeller
Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Colliers HK


2021 Greater Bay Area (GBA) Urban design Awards: Plan/Concept – Merit Award

We changed

Innovating the Chinese planning system: first integrated sea-land-mountain planning process


+ Differentiated zoning of a coastal zone from underwater to mountain top
+ Nature and experience-oriented development strategies


+ Focus on non-motorized, low impact outdoor lifestyle and recreation
+ Storm flood protection integrated to blue-green system


+ MLA+ leading global water, ecology and tourism real estate consultant
+ MLA+ fully cooperating with all local government departments, and development partners till full adoption of the plan
Administrative boundaries shape the space we live and work in more than we often recognize. The division goes way beyond obvious fences and barriers. Responsibility for spatially connected zones can lie in the hands of distant institutions. Physical and institutional distance, as well as boundaries of responsibility, can stop people from caring for areas and effects beyond their reach. Where different ecosystems meet - for example between mountains, steep subtropical valleys, beach coves, and the ocean - these artificial boundaries can become especially detrimental. Xiaomeisha is the largest beach cove in the subtropical megacity Shenzhen. Since the early day of the city, the quaint fishing village turned beachside resort for local residents, and it has not changed much ever since. The arrival of a new metro line, changing expectations of visitors and the serious thread of sea level rise asked for a serious reevaluation of the town. By reaching beyond the man-made boundaries, and by going back to the geographical foundation of the place, the plan achieves multiple goals. The reconnection of the sea with the natural hinterland is the foundation for ecosystem regeneration. Coastal protection is softly integrated into the shallow water and beach zone to rebalance the use by tourists with protection of marine nature. This allows a revival Xiaomeisha as a tourist magnet where city people recreate harmoniously within a rich local environment.

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