Wiesentfelser Strasse Neighbourhood Regeneration



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GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH


2 ha of mixed-use project with residential, retail, commercial use and a family centre with day-care and social facilities along with Landscape re-design of the wider area.


2020 Competition
2021 – 2024 Planning (Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design)
2023 Construction start


Ola Gordowy, Minseo Kim, Christoph Michael*, Maximilian Müller*, Mateusz Zielinski*, Thomas Kalkhoven*, Friedrich Vitzthum*
N-V-O Architekten, Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur
* team members now working under the name Studio M³


2020 International Design Competition, 1st prize

We changed

A new affordable housing and lifestyle offer as alternative to substandard informal living quarters


+ Site specific activation proposals,
+ Urbanistic approach with long term benefits
+ Commissioning of delivery partners


+ Natural ventilation
+ German passive house standard


+ Stakeholder and Partner Mapping
+ Stakeholder and Partner Networking
The modernistic post-war period built mass housing neighbourhoods based on efficient formulas. Surely, this delivered a significant number of homes with associated facilities. Cities all over the globe grew significantly into the surrounding countryside. The limitations of this approach became apparent over time: the generic and repetitive urban fabric with a monotonous housing stock was not flexible to adjust to demographic and lifestyle changes. The vast size of the neighbourhoods in remote location, often combined with weak accessibility, led to ghettos and neglect. Revival projects such as this show, that hidden and new qualities can be brought out. The masterplan for a revitalized neighbourhood center at the edge of Munich starts with carefully embedding a new ensemble of buildings into the existing situation. This brings to life an interesting sequence of open spaces. Access to the centre is now easy and inviting. People can spend enjoyable time outdoors near their home. The design works with local flora and fauna to create habitats for other than human species. The buildings themselves are humble in massing, yet crafted in detail. All places where outdoor and indoor come together - the entrances, shopfronts, balconies and terraces - are designed especially careful. Life cycle considerations drive the selection of materials and systems.

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