Urban Planning and Governance in Eurasia

“”Urban Eurasia: Cities in Transformation” is a journey to urban spaces, places, and people in the global and highly dynamic, but often forgotten region between Europe and Asia. Intriguing photographs and evidence-based reports give a nuanced account of experiences of urban change in cities of the post-Soviet countries. Focusing on the topics of cities and networks, urban housing, economies as well as urban diversity and conflicts, the book tracks common and differentiated patterns, processes, and effects of urban developments in space and society. The multiplicity and assemblage of Soviet, pre-revolutionary, and post-Soviet legacies is carved out as a key feature of Eurasian cities. Thanks to fascinating documents, the editors hope to stimulate critical discussions besides and beyond the rare media reports about urban transformation in Eurasian cities.”
In his article named “Urban Planning and Governance”, Markus Appenzeller explores the urban identity of post-Soviet countries, the challenges they face, and the impact that the current institutional structures have on them, while providing insights on ways those could be improved over time.
published in Urban Eurasia, 2017, DOM publishers

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