Space for Life, not for Cars



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BVV-Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Berlin-Pankow


Exemplary designs for a series of typical public spaces in central Berlin


2021 Study I
2022 Study II


Ola Gordowy, Christoph Michael*, Maximilian Müller*
Martin Aarts
* team members now working under the name Studio M³


We changed

From car oriented hardscape to life oriented public space


+ Programming, rezoning, activation, atmosphere, and appropriation as alternative street design parameters


+ Sponge city design


+ Design and planning
+ Advocacy
Climate change means more extreme weather - more rain in shorter periods and more heat for longer ones. For both the streets we currently have are not suitable. The sealed hard surfaces do not allow for infiltration of water into the ground and instead overload our sewer systems. Their dark colour and the lack of shading heat the street a lot more than necessary.
Changing our street’s tarmac to permeable surfaces, adding more green and reducing the space for cars turns them from bleak and grey corridors into green public spaces where people like to be and use them in different ways: to play, to meet, to celebrate, to hang out, to read, to contemplate or simply to be.
In Berlin’s Pankow district, we have worked the street hard to make them less hard and investigated how spaces can change to adapt to the climate change needs. The nice side effect is that this is not only good for the climate, but also for the wellbeing of all of us and other species that now can inhabit the newly won green. Win-win!

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