Shenshan Nature As Leverage



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Shenshan Administration, Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality


Urban Planning Vision and Urban Design of 102 km² coastal area, climate change adaption strategy, dynamic mountain-sea blue-green system, urban development pattern nurturing the natural ecosystem, infrastructure support and experience system planning.


2020 Design Competition – 1st Prize


MLA+: Martin Probst, Yi Yu, Chuanzhi Sun, Jun Yang, Pinar Bozoglan, Ruizhi Cao


2020 IFLAA AAPME International Awards – Outstanding Award
2020 Greater Bay Area Urban Design Awards – Grand Award

We changed

A new vision for a coastal zone recently connected to the metropolitan center by a 10 min highspeed train ride: From remote backwater to nature-led coastal zone


+ Arrive by car – enjoy time without it
+ Coordinated local transport and experience system including public transport access to urban centres, nature areas, beaches, and mountains


+ Storm flood protection softly integrated along the coast
+ Planning vision truly based on blue-green systems and nature regeneration
+ All development zones in response and to maximise the natural qualities


+ MLA+ leading international landscape architects, supported by local planning institute
+ Qualification stage in full collaboration under the lead of the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Environmental degradation puts human development gains at risk. How should we plan in the face of climate change? How should we plan in a new time, that wants to overcome problems of the industrial age? “Nature as Leverage” introduces a new narrative and development principles to Shenshan’s Coastal Area. “Nature as Leverage” means a new balance: not economy or urbanization first, but using nature as a tool for development. “Nature as Leverage” shows that local and ecological development thinking serves disaster protection along coast and mountain edges as well as ecological and urban development. A resilient and dynamic blue-green system between mountains and sea is the framework for climate change adaptation, ecological regeneration, and the basis for all other developments. The coastal development pattern responds to this framework and guides the development of life and economy in synergy, not in contrast with nature. The urban infrastructure supports the regenerative qualities of Shenshan Coast and is strongly linked to the unique experience of the place. Implementation proposals allow local stakeholders and partners to grow in capacity and ambition over time.

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