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WDP Netherlands BV


Masterplan for an energy producing and climate resilient logistics center


2023 Masterplan concept


Evert Dorresteijn, Sarah Wolff

We changed

Logistics center - from energy user to energy producer


+ Change of mindset of what a logistics center can be


+ Using large roofs and in between spaces to generate energy
+ Reducing heat island effect
+ Increasing biodiversity by design


+ MLA+ in close collaboration with client’s design management team
It is obvious that we have to move from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. What is not so clear is that generating it requires significantly more space than a coal, gas or oil fired power plant. A highly suitable place to do that are the roofs of large buildings. It is surprising that still very few are equipped with PV cells - often because it seems easier to place them on the ground. But natural ground is precious and needed to preserve biodiversity and to fight climate change, and therefore should be put to a better use.
The world is full of logistics centers, factories and workshops that can power plants - usually they are located in bleak street networks with little biodiversity and a lack of green. In the Netherlands around Schiphol Airport, we investigated how adding energy to the mix of uses can also become the leverage to introduce other measures helping to reduce the effects of climate change - from addition to of diverse green and water retention space across new energy distribution infrastructure to a completely different appearance of entire industrial parks.

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