Two projects of us arefeatured in the 3rd edition of UN-Habitat’s Compendium for Inspiring Practices publication. Both Shenyan Landscape Improvement and Ningo Prampram explore possible solutions for making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Shenyan Landscape Improvement focuses on non-motorised mobility, pedestrianization, and designing healthy and active streets for people, addressing SDG 3 and 11. The design encourages walking and cycling whilst reducing the reliance on motorised vehicles, thus lowering carbon emissions in the area and creating a healthier neighbourhood. Ningo Prampram on the other hand is facing different challenges. Ghana is highly exposed to risks from multiple weather-related hazards, as well as problems related to waste management and land speculation. The project, addressing SDG 11 and 13, explores the challenges and possible solutions to ongoing rapid urbanisation in emerging economies. It conceptualizes a flexible masterplan that provides a robust framework for water management, waste management, and food production strategies that will facilitate urban resilience and development of the city of Accra.

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