826 Cross Shenzhen Hiking Trail



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Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality; People’s Government of Pingshan District, Shenzhen


Landscape connection plan with a 300 km hiking path as its center piece


2022 Strategy plan
2023 Pilot phase


MLA+: LanLan Liu, Mengting Ye, Ruizhi Cao, Ruojing Wu, Ya Hu, Zixuan Zhang
Local hiking and community groups

We changed

Raising awareness for a positive connection between citizens of a high-tech city and their urban mountains, rivers and natural world


+ Research and development of natural zones and hiking path system in a megacity


+ Inclusive nature approach, where humans are part, but not dominating the environment
+ Environmental regeneration through human awareness


+ Cocreation with interest groups on ecology and outdoor activity
+ Campaign for political and public support
Cities are economic powerhouses, places of inspiring exchange, drivers of creativity, and cradles of culture. We love them. However, many people also experience cities as endless, faceless and draining. In many places, cities have grown beyond their local setting, as man was able to control rivers for human use, build rails and roads for fast movement, alter the land for construction, and even “scrape the sky” in buildings with climate controlled interiors. One could say that the urban age has become egoistic and lost its connection to the local environment.
This initiative and planning for a 300km long hiking trail through the subtropical mountains, along the rivers and connected to the extensive pathways of Shenzhen overcomes this uncomfortable disconnection. It brings together mainly two areas of interest: ecologists very involved in the understanding and rejuvenation of local ecologies, and outdoor enthusiasts with a deep love for time in the green - not far far away in other countries, but easily accessible every day right from the doorstep. The project documented the ecological-base of all green and nature spaces in the city, the existing country parks, as well as the fragmented paths already existing - formally and informally. The main hiking trail crosses the whole municipal area and all 10 districts. The name celebrates the birthday of modern Shenzhen. The inclusive plan with routes and experiences for multiple skill levels invites as many citizens as possible to detox from urban pressure in nearby nature. An inviting digital and physical campaign promotes the initiative to residents, visitors and decision makers.

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